Daniel Lejnieks, DVM

Dr. Lejnieks founded the Bird and Exotic Clinic in 1997 with his wife, Dr. Bennett.

Dr. Lejnieks is one of only 2 exotic companion mammal specialists in the entire Pacific Northwest. His specialty includes ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, chinchillas, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, degus and all other small companion mammals with the exception of dogs and cats.

Dr. Lejnieks graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University in 1994. He spent four and a half years in a postgraduate fellowship at the University of Washington. During his fellowship, he gained extensive experience in cardiovascular and microsurgical techniques. Dr. Lejnieks has extensive surgical experience and frequently performs surgery on a referral basis for clinics around the northwest. He has also provided his surgical skills to the Seattle Animal Shelter, Rabbit Haven, PAWS Wildlife Center and the Point Defiance Zoo. Dr. Lejnieks has completed advanced training in avian endoscopy, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, and dental conditions of lagomorphs and rodents and enjoys a clinical practice that is 90% small exotic mammals.

Dr. Lejnieks has published many medical and surgical papers encompassing pioneering techniques in vascular and gastrointestinal surgery in rodents, designed a novel technique for the repair of beak fractures in large psittacines, and has published papers on medical conditions of the male rodent urogenital system. In August of 2008, he spoke at the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians Conference in Savannah, Georgia concerning special medical problems of the male rodent.

Published Articles:

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