BECS Services

  • Complete Bird & Exotic Clinical Services

    • Treatment, consultation, nutritional & wellness programs for birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small companion mammals.
    • Expertise in bird & exotic specific pathologies such as avian feather picking, ferret adrenal disease, rabbit/rodent dental diseases, and more.
    • Hospitalization services with after hours and weekend care of critical cases.
    • Holistic and herbal therapies.
  • Emergency Services

    BECS is ready with all necessary & current technology needed for emergency surgery, imaging, and analysis.

  • Aviary Out Calls

    House call appointments are available for Western Washington aviaries.

  • Small Animal Specific Procedures & Lab

    Effectively treating small animal specific pathologies necessitates the use of specialist procedures & equipment which are unavailable at ordinary veterinary clinics.

    BECS brings all the right tools to the treatment of your small companions:

    • Fully implemented orthopedic, soft tissue surgery, & radiosurgery.
    • AVID microchipping.
    • Ultrasonography with Sonosite Micromax imaging—designed for high resolution images on small patients.
    • High-detail digital radiography.
    • Rapid bloodwork via Abaxis In-House Chemistry Analyzer.
    • Rigid endoscopy with the Storz 2.7mm video endoscope.
    • Semi-flexible endsoscopy with the Storz 1.0mm flexible endoscope.
    • Doppler and ECG anesthetic monitoring.
    • Microinfusion Pump for intravenous fluid therapy on small patients.
    • Complete cardiac work-ups.

What does that mean?
It means we have your little friend covered.

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