In Clinic Products

We offer specially selected and difficult to find products to keep your exotics healthy and happy. All of these come with our expert recommendation.
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    Exotic Diet

    • Harrison’s Bird Food
    • Roudybush AK Prescription Diet
    • Mazuri Insectivore Fare

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    Treats, Accessories, & Supplements

    • Kwik Stop – Great for toenail trims. Stops bleeding
    • Probiocin – Restores natural gut flora
    • Benebac – Source of naturally occuring organisms
    • Oticlens – Cleans Ears
    • Nutrical – Great bribe for stubborn ferrets
    • Advantage and Revolution – For flea and mite treatment
    • Bird straps – Use to restrain birds for wing & toenail trims
    • T- Rex Calcuim Plus – Cricket Gut-loading Formula
    • Fluker’s Cricket Quencher – Water substitute for crickets


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